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Altin Sencalar Trombone Teacher

Altin Sencalar

Between composing original music, educating the next generation, recording albums, and performing for sold out venues, Altin Sencalar remains in high demand. Highlighted performances include being featured as a guest artist with the US Army Blues, opening for the OJs and Chaka Khan, and playing at the Music for All festival as a Yamaha performing artist. Altin has received prizes for national and international competitions such as the American Trombone Workshop, the International Trombone Association, and Downbeat Magazine's Student Music Awards. As an educator, Altin is regularly selected as a competition judge, workshop clinician, and low brass instructor. His private students boast a track record of 100% placement in their All-Region competitions. In addition to the release of his original debut album, "Introducing Altin Sencalar", his salsa arrangements have been featured in festivals and recordings across the country. Altin graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies. He now serves as the Jazz Studies graduate assistant to Michael Dease and Rodney Whitaker at Michigan State University. Altin proudly endorses Giddings mouthpieces, Earasers earplugs, and represents Yamaha as a performing artist.

Jazz and Creative Faculty member Altin Sencalar on trombone.