Bass Faculty


“The bass is the link between harmony and rhythm. It is the foundation of a band. It is what all the other instruments stand upon, but it is rarely recognized as that.”

- Victor Wooten, 5-time Grammy Award Winner

Bass teacher Andrew Peck

Andrew Peck

Originally from the Midwest, Andy studied bass at the New England Conservatory with Cecil McBee and John Lockwood and more recently, with Robert Hurst. After beginning serious musical training mainly in French horn at the Interlochen Arts Academy, playing bass and performing improvised music became a main interest. With the help of Benje Daneman and others in the West Michigan jazz scene, Andy began playing gigs in his late teens. Only a few years later, a stint in the US Air Force bands took him traveling and performing throughout much of the US, Europe and Asia. During this time, Andy had the good fortune to perform with Eddie Daniels, Kristen Korb, Brian Lynch, Donny McCaslin, Kendrick Scott and others. While finishing graduate school, Andy directed the Campus Jazz big band and small ensembles, plus the Michigan Youth Jazz program at University of Michigan.

Jazz & Creative Institute faculty members span all aspects of the jazz genre. This unplanned improvisation led by our bass faculty, Andrew Peck, is a collaboration of current and former Ypsilanti-based musicians. They had never played before as a quartet. This music was followed a brief conversation about black holes, thus its title, Black Hole. Andrew Peck, b; Kayvon Gordon, d; Peter Formanek, ts; Josh Harlow, p.