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Here you will find a vibrant community of people learning to play music together, of many ages and abilities, for the sake of being more fully alive.


  • A unique, comprehensive learning environment made up of performing artists and students from ages 6 through 86.

  • A place to get individual instruction and mentorship from a genre cross-trained improvising teaching artist.

  • Weekly group playing opportunities for all students, in both small and large bands.

  • A friendly, jam session/masterclass monthly where you can play alongside our professional musician faculty artists.

  • A place to get to the next level and showcase your progress three times a year at student concerts or take other public performance opportunities.

  • A rehearsal or practice space for bands and musicians of all genres and abilities, local or traveling through.

  • A community of supportive, engaged, musical people for whom music has made all the difference!




(269) 350-4311 (call or text)


310 North Rose Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007


Areas of Opportunity at JCI


Singing and playing music are founded on some basic required abilities. If you don’t know how to play instruments, or feel confident playing with others yet then, private lessons are a great starting place to learn skills, develop your abilities and build your confidence. Even if you are already playing in groups, there is always more to learn and working with our teaching artists will guide you in your next steps as a musician (we think that singers are musicians here, too!).

If you’ve never picked up an instrument, or if you’re planning a career with it, private lessons with our highly qualified faculty mentors will be one of the most important and enjoyable parts of your week. Weekly lessons can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes and you are invited to perform in our three student showcases and ten jam sessions throughout the year.

bands program

Sometimes you already play an instrument or sing, but the biggest barrier to actually doing it is not having anyone to play with. JCI is a place where you can jump in to the experience of actually making music regardless of age or ability level. Coached by our faculty members with tons of professional performance experience, these weekly meetings are the chance to play with others at your own pace for 11-week sessions.

Immersion PROGRAM

For complete musical growth, immerse yourself in both the nitty-gritty techniques for your instrument AND a second group playing opportunity every week at a heavily discounted price. Take private lessons (30, 45, or 60 minutes) and meet up with your small group every week to play songs. We offer deep discounts to students in this category because we know how important both experiences are to really playing.

youth large ensembles

If you’re between the ages of 10-18, you’re eligible to audition for our large jazz ensembles. Our large ensembles run up to 20 people and perform several times during the November to May season.

meet our faculty

Our faculty have been hand-selected and vetted from dozens of applicants. 95% of them have a masters degree in performance and are currently working as a professional artist. Our jazz faculty are cross-trained across many genres and are adept at any type of improvisation. Most importantly, we are all connected to each other as part of the local/regional music community.

attend a special event

We’d love to see you at one of our events. Whether it’s a formal concert, a masterclass, an audition, or hands-on jam session, come on out to meet some people and get playing!


If you’re looking for the best program for growing musicians of all ages in southwest Michigan, you just found it.
— Jen Button, 5-star Google review


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